Belly Bump Art with Hau’oli Henna

Don’t get me wrong, I am very fortunate to be in my 9th month of pregnancy with a healthy baby boy, but pregnancy has been rough on me. I give all the mothers out there lots of credit for sacrificing their bodies and lives. I think my  friend Christina put it best when she said, “being pregnant is no joke!”

One late night of pregnancy insomnia I was surfing on the internet, and I stumbled across Hau’oli Henna. I have always loved henna tattoos, but this site caught my eye because they offered Baby Bump art or Pregnancy Henna! That night I quickly contacted the site to book an appointment to get my belly decorated.

Hau'oli HennaThe next week I was able to get an appointment with Kiyomi from Hau’oli Henna at her home. The session was about an hour and a half and Kiyomi transformed my baby bump into a piece of art work. She also made me a matching hand piece! The belly decoration was a mandala or Sanskrit Maṇḍala, which translates loosely to circle. It is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe.  Continue reading

Downtown Honolulu Lunching Guide

The Downtown Honolulu food scene has really taken off in the last several years. It seems like every week a new trendy eatery is popping up or closing down. From the business district to Chinatown there are endless lunch possibilities.  Navigating these eateries takes time and trial and error. Since my husband works downtown I get to do lots of field testing and wanted to share some of my favorite downtown lunch spots and some tips to sort out them all out.

Best Food: The Pig and The Lady

The Pig and The Lady

Why? I had to start off with the best – The Pig and The Lady. The hype is real, the food is quality, and it has me dreaming about it. From their Laotian Fried Chicken appetizer, to their Pho French Dip sandwich, to their RIDICULOUSLY good House Made Soft Serve it’s really hard to compete with the food here. I recently also discovered that they make these delicious French inspired pastries daily that can be found at the counter that you can buy to-go. They remind me of San Francisco or Europe…drool!  Continue reading

Beyond Honolulu: Kayaking the Hanalei River on Kauai

Pacific Reader Kayaking Hanalei River

Last summer I got to spend a few days on the island of Kauai and was lucky enough to visit the north shore of the island and the town of Hanalei. One of my favorite things to do in Hanalei is to go kayaking on the Hanalei river, so I made sure to spend a half day out on the water with my family during this trip. Read my full story and view my photos via Beyond Honolulu.

Why Alan Wong’s is #1?

Hawaii is well known for having excellent Asian cuisine and some of the freshest seafood in the world, but navigating the Hawaii food scene can really be a hit or miss experience.

In my personal experiences, restaurants small or large can be pricey, have bad service, and can even have bad food. Visitors to the islands are always asking me where to eat and what are my favorite restaurants. I love to eat and critique, so of course I have several favorites from high end to low end price ranges, but there’s one restaurant name that I consistently recommend, Alan Wong’s.

Alan Wong's

My favorite item on the menu, the Lobster Lasagna


Cliche you say? But I don’t. In my opinion, Alan Wong has earned the right to be one of the top restauranteurs in Hawaii and even in the world.

So Why is Alan Wong’s #1?  Continue reading

Best Bites of 2014

2014 seriously flew by! I kept head spinningly busy with work, house renovations, traveling, beagles, and surf. Of course I also ate tons of great food through out the year. Here are my top 5 Best Bites of 2014!

1. Hoku’s Sunday Brunch

This is my favorite place to have brunch and at $65 a person it’s worth every bite of lobster and crab! The buffet spread is smaller than Orchids, but the dishes are better and higher quality. The fresh seafood is my absolute favorite and the two waiter service per table makes the dining experience one of a kind.









2. Ono Yo Fruit Bowl

Tucked among the bustling shrimp trucks in Kahuku is a tiny silver yogurt truck called Ono Yo. This is my favorite place to get a sweet treat on the island. My favorite is their acai yogurt fruit bowl with made fresh daily greek yogurt. Their pineapple yogurt is my second favorite!

Ono Yo







Continue reading

The Palace Hotel San Francisco, CA

The Palace Hotel

I recently had the pleasure of staying in the iconic Palace Hotel in the heart of downtown San Francisco. This hotel was originally built in 1875 and later fully rebuilt after the devastating earthquake and fire of 1906. It was completely rebuilt and reopened in 1909 and to this day has kept its grandeur. Continue reading

Best Bar You’ve Never Been: Surfer The Bar

Surfer The Bar

Townies it’s time to make the long drive out to the north shore to Turtle Bay Resort and check out the best bar you’ve never been to – Surfer The BarContinue reading


Beyond Honolulu

I am happy to announce that I will be a contributing writer on my fellow writer-friend Jeremy Holcombe’s up-and-coming website Beyond Honolulu! My first blog has recently been published: Top 3 Busiest Hikes on Oahu! Continue reading

Get You & Your Car Home Safe, Call Designated Drivers Hawaii

Designated Drivers Hawaii

Several months ago I discovered one of the best and most useful services on the island, Designated Drivers Hawaii. After using them for the first time during New Year’s Eve I was sold and wrote about it on Aloha Update, Don’t Drink & Drive, Call Designated Drivers Hawaii.

Did you know that over 2,500 people are arrested in Hawaii each year for Driving Under the Influence? Last week, HPD arrested 20 people from the hours of 10:50 pm to 4:30 am! Get you and you car home safe, call Designated Drivers Hawaii!

This is a locally owned company founded and operated by Dane Kimokeo out of Kaneohe. Dane wanted “to provide a safe alternative to drunk driving.  A service to prevent accidents that I hope will save lives, careers, and people’s dignity.” Designated Drivers Hawaii is a 24/7 pickup service that will take you and your car home safely anywhere on the island of Oahu. Continue reading

Why I Love Lucky Belly

Shrimp Kim Chee Bowl

Shrimp Kim Chee Bowl

I eat lunch in downtown Honolulu about once a week with Steve and Megan.  We usually fight over where to eat, but one place that we can always agree on is Lucky Belly.  This place has been packed at lunch ever since its opened a couple years ago and for many great reasons why.  Why do I love Lucky Belly? Continue reading